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I am Shubham Jindal. Recently in July 2020, I have started blogging and Content Writing. Now i have learned alot about SEO and Content Writing. My Blog is Getting 1000 to 1200 Audience Per day. I think this is not bad and i am doing good in this blogging Field. I am Graduate from KUK in B.C.A. But I Shifted my Carrer in Blogging because I Felt like there is no Scope of Engineering. I Developed my interest in Writing and Reading Blogs of Other Succesful Bloggers.
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Shubham Jindal
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scope of e commerce

Scope of e commerce : How to Build e commerce website in 2021 ?

What is e-commerce marketing? How to make an e-commerce website in india. Now we will talk about this. 2.6 crore people are spending their money in online purchasing.

Affiliate marketing Guide of 2020

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple : An Ultimate Guide of 2020

The simple meaning is that of affiliate marketing, You just have to promote products through a website or social media or youtube channel. You will earn a commission on that sale which you have promoted.

Deep Meaning of Affiliate marketing : Steps to be Successful

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you have to promote other companies’ products. Simply, if a person buys a product from your link then you will get some commission.

Meaning of Affiliate marketing

An Ultimate Guide of Copywriting in 2020

whether you are a retailer or a small business owner or an online seller. You will have to learn to Copywrite and enter in copywriting industry for understanding the fundamentals of writing. 


Actionable Linkedin Hacks That Will Grow Your Professional Profile✨

Actionable Linkedin Hacks : Linkedin is truthly Amazing and you will definitely love this if you want to socialize with professionals and HR’s. You can not compare linkedin with other social media applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. 

Actionable Linkedin Hacks

How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post & Make it Appealing

whether you are a retailer or a small business owner or an online seller. You will have to learn to Copywrite and enter in copywriting industry for understanding the fundamentals of writing. 

How to write a blogpost

6+ Most Profitable Online Businesses That Are Booming Right Now in 2020

Do you want to live your dream life? I know 9 to 5 job is so mind torturing. If you want to earn more income. Just spend some money on online businesses.

6+ Most Profitable Online Businesses

Top 10 SEO Hacks to Rank high in 2020 : Free Search Engine Tactics

Just writing a good blog post in not enough for your website. A best article or blog is that which is full SEO rich and with low difficulty keywords. SEO tricks and hacks can help you to rank on google. So lets start the topic of Top 10 SEO hacks

Top 10 Free SEO hacks

India's Best Hosting Service : Hosting For Every Type Of Website

Now we are going to talk about one of the best hosting company named Bluehost. All types of hosting plans of Bluehost come with the best hosting features and full customer support. 

India's Best Hosting Service

What is Social Media Optimization ?How to Optimize Social Media ?

Let’s suppose, you have an instagram business page. Which you want to grow and make more conversions from that. But you do not know about social media optimization. So how can you grow and earn cash without investment.

Social media optimization

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