Affiliate Marketing Made Simple : An Ultimate Guide of 2020

Affiliate Marketing Guide of 2020

1. What is affiliate marketing?

  • How can you start affiliate marketing?
  • Is the website or youtube channel necessary to start affiliate marketing?
  • The relation between producer affiliate and consumer
  • Best affiliate programs to earn in 2020

What is affiliate marketing: Step by step guide: Affiliate Marketing Guide of 2020

Affiliate marketing Guide of 2020
Affiliate marketing Guide of 2020

It is a dream to earn passive income for some new bloggers or beginners. 

affiliate marketing is how they get started in 2020.

The simple meaning is that of affiliate marketing, You just have to promote products through a website or social media or youtube channel. You will earn a commission on that sale which you have promoted.

Simply, it is based on sharing the revenue. Today, I will go deep into affiliate marketing and how we can start to earn affiliate income?

The exact definition of affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products such as amazon and hosting websites. 

There are 4 parties included in this : Affiliate Marketing Guide of 2020

affiliate marketing in 2020

This is not a B2B and B2C system. This is a combination of Merchant, network, publisher, and customer.

  • Merchant: Who is a merchant: Who is providing the products to you such a big brand like Fastrack.
  • Network: What is the importance of the network in affiliate marketing? That platform which helps you to promote that thing or a product like Amazon. A network works as an intermediary between affiliate and merchant.
  • Publisher: Who is the publisher? The publisher is you who is affiliating with that product.
  • Customer: What is a customer in affiliate marketing. A customer is who buys the product from your network.

Amazon allows you to promote the products which are available there and they will give commission for that sold product.

  • Q: How to make an affiliate account of amazon and How to start affiliate marketing of amazon?

Anyone can signup on amazon or any other affiliate platform. You just have to follow some steps :

1. Open and click on their affiliate program.

2. Fill all of your details in which they ask you your name, address, mobile number.

3. Fill the name of your website. Which helps you to promote that product.

4. After that, they will provide you with the links of every product which is available on amazon.

5. Through the link which is provided to you, You will promote the product.

6. You just have to attach that link in your blogpost and make organic visitors for sales and monetization.

Steps to becoming an online affiliate marketer

How to start affiliate marketing

you can take to start your journey as an affiliate marketer with these given steps:

Initially, you need to start reviewing products related to your niche or topic. For example: if you want to promote health and fitness products. Then pick their links. Promote those links using blog posts and youtube channels.

After that, It is a very important part, just collect the email of your visitors through the login form, With this, you can connect with them at any time for providing the content.

 Third, you can use joint venture webinars to make a lot of sales in a short period, while simultaneously growing your email list and creating new content.

Goodness point, You can use webinars for increasing the sales and for new content to know which is in demand.

Once your affiliate marketing properly starts. Then you can scale your blog and get pay per click ads.

Is the website or youtube channel is necessary for starting affiliate marketing in 2020

I come directly to the point, in this modern era of the internet. There is no possibility to rank and make a team without the help of the internet.

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing in 2020.

1. Youtube channel: Through the videos, you can promote the product with a great vision. You can present the live product in the video to increase sales.

2. Website or Blog: It is the most famous and trusted way in 2020 to start affiliate marketing work. It is very easy to start. Through the blog, you can get permanent customers and collect the emails through the login form.

3. Through Instagram and Facebook: Nowadays, social media is at the peak. You can get great revenue through both these platforms. Even your family members and relatives can get to know about your work.

4. Article submission websites: Suppose you do not have any blogging website and you want to affiliate. You just have to write a blog with attached links to amazon. Then you can publish your article on platforms like or to make more sales.

5. By paid advertisements: Ads running is also a popular way to affiliate. Best Platforms to run ads online: Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are the best examples. But it is not for beginners. It needs some investment. I know, for beginners it is tough to invest money. As I was also a beginner, so I understand.

Final Thinking is that It is a positive point to have a blog or website. Because you can make your brand name and self-branding to promote the products. It will help you in the future because it feels like a blogger and professional marketer. 

Relation between Producer, affiliate, and consumer : Affiliate Marketing Guide of 2020

It is very important to understand the relation between these before starting affiliate marketing. These are indirectly related to each other. Before knowing the relationship, We should know about the meaning of these.

1.  Producer: Who is a producer? 

It is a common question that is asked by every affiliate marketer at the time of promoting products.

A producer is who builds that thing or products. For example, Prestige is a kitchen brand and makes appliances for kitchen use. So prestige is a producer who invests money in this.

2. Affiliate: Am affiliate is a Network platform that represents their product online. Forex. the amazon affiliate program is a network that is helping people to add their things to the internet.

3. Consumer: The consumer is a customer. Who pays some amount to use that product. For example- You need a pen for your study. You go to a stationary shop and purchase a pen. In this case, you are a consumer or buyer and the other is the seller.

In the affiliate marketing language, There is a dynamic connection between all of these. 

Support the affiliate of that pen.

1. Owner of the pen is the stationary shopkeeper.

2. Amazon is the representer, who is helping shopkeepers to represent the products.

3. You are an affiliate, who is promoting that product and gets a commission on that pen.

Indirectly, you are selling the shopkeeper’s pen through an affiliate program like Amazon or Flipkart.

Best affiliate program to earn passive income in 2020

Nowadays, everybody is doing affiliate marketing and earning their pocket money. But do you think that you can do this as a full-time job? This can help you to earn in lakhs. Some of the platforms which pay you in thousands in a single sale. Trust is the most important thing for the affiliate. Sometimes affiliates do not pay the commission on time.

So these are the trusted and top affiliates program for 2020

1. Hosting affiliate: This is the best option to earn money. If you are a good content writer and know how to write a blog post. Then you can start with this. Hosting is a service that is used for websites. To Know More About hosting: Link

Hosting sites like Bluehost, Hostgator, site ground, Hostinger, big rock, BMX hosting, Redlake, or more. They pay you in dollars like $50 To $200 for one sale only. 



2. Amazon affiliate program: Amazon is the best platform for affiliate marketers. Who wants to sell things online. It is a great way to make money with the help of Blog monetization.

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