Blogger vs WordPress : Which is the Best Platform to Make a Website.

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger VS WordPress : Best Platform to Make a Website.

Blogger VS WordPress : Coparision between wordpress and blogger – Which plaform should I Choose to make my blog ?

Table of contents ( Blogger VS WordPress)

  • What is WordPress
  • what is blogger
  • blogger vs WordPress
  • Blogger: Why and why not
  • WordPress: Pros and cons
  • Which one is the best for SEO

Blogger VS WordPress : Which is the best platform to make a blog : I have to tell you that firstly, Blogger is free to use. But it does not allow you to handle the all blog. If you want to start a blog for your hobby purpose than you can use bloggers and start a blog on it.

WordPress is paid and it provides a lot of functions which will help you in every situation. It is a flexible and powerful platform to make blogging or any type of website. you can do anything is WordPress and you can design your website beyond your thinking. If you want to start a professional blog than it is a good option for you.

It is not a very tough task to start a blog or blogging website.

Although, Two of the most popular platforms. The one is a blogger and the other one is WordPress which is confusing the people ” which one is better”.

If you are ready to start a blog and you cant decide that which is the best for you.

I am going to share some details with you. which helps you to choose the best one for you.

Blogger VS WordPress : Introduction of WordPress and Blogger

What is WordPress ? : Blogger VS WordPress

It is an open-source software which is fully designed. Everyone can use this software for blogging.

WordPress is initially started as a blogging platform but now we can use this for website, and applications also.

Advantages of WordPress

  • If you do not have any technical knowledge and awareness. You do not need to worry. Its interface is easy and you can easily make a blog with the help of WordPress.
  • It is free to use. But For making a blog on this you need a domain name and a hosting service. So for this, you need to spend some money.
  • There are multiple themes and plugins we can use for developing the website.
  • You can add so many features to your website which can add up the extensibility.
  • It supports a lot and it is very flexible.
  • Approximately, 67% of websites are developed on WordPress.
  • It is extremely advanced software with a combination of goodness.
  • It is flexible and more comfortable with the extra power. you can do anything beyond your thinking.
  • Multiple tutorials and guidance are available on the internet.
  • You can install plugins and themes which you like.
  • You can design your blog according to your wish.
  • It has plugins to help you.
  • Professional third party web templates are available such as Envato.

Cons of WordPress

  • Mainly, you have to manage the all things of your blog.
  • You have to spend some money on hosting and custom domain name. It is upon you, taking a cheap web hosting or VPS server.
  • You need to practice sometime and learn somethings to handle WordPress.

what is a blogger ? Blogger VS WordPress

Blogger is developed by Google and you can access this only by some clicks. You just have to sign up with your email. It is for those who want to start their blog at free of cost.

  • Primarily, it is free and does not charge any cost.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge for this.
  • It has fewer themes and plugins in the comparison of the blogger.
  • In the case of plugins, It has nothing.
  • It supports less.

Pros of blogger

  • you can start the blog in this without any investment.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge for this.
  • Mainly, hosting investment is safe. Because hosting is free is a blogger that is provided by Google.
  • you can easily integrate google search console and google analytics.
  • Even you do not need to buy a domain for this.

Cons of blogger

  • It is outdated and it has very limited features.
  • you can not customize the theme as per your thinking.
  • It does not give full control in your hands.
  • No more plugins and themes.

Installation of blogger & How to make a blog on Blogger

Blogger VS WordPressBlogger VS WordPress

Blogger VS WordPress

Anytime when anyone wants to start a blog. he thinks ” How to use blogger and how to make an account on blogger”

It is very easy to make an account on blogger. You just have to signup with Gmail.

  • Just click on a new blog and add the blog to the blogger.
  • Then opens a new page and you have to fill 3 things [Title, address, Template].
  • In the title, just fill your website’s name. Ex- Techslawn
  • In the Address, Fill your homepage address like
  • In the template – you have to select the template or design of your blog.
  • Finally, click on the creat blog.
  • Congratulations, your blog is ready.

How to make a blog on WordPress : Blogger VS WordPress

In the comparison of bloggers, It is tough to make a blog on WordPress. Because firstly, you have to buy a domain name and hosting for your blog. I will use the Bluehost hosting company to make a blog.

  • Buy the domain for your website.
  • connect the hosting with the domain name.
  • Then login into The C-panel account.
  • Install the Softaculous app installer in the c- panel.
  • Download WordPress and click on the install button.
  • A new page will be open in the window.
  • You have to fill the Username, Password. Do not be panic, you can change it afterward.
  • After filling up the whole information, click on the install button.
  • You have to update the domain name server.

Nameserver Updation takes time up to 3 days. Then smile, your site is published on the internet.

Difference between Blogger VS WordPress On the Bases of Some Crucial Factors : Blogger VS WordPress

Cost:  Q:- How much I have to invest on a blogger or WordPress.

[Blogger VS WordPress]

Blogger :

When it comes to the cost. No other platform can beat bloggers because it has no cost and you do not need to spend money on bloggers. Hosting is free on Blogger. But if you want to buy a custom Domain then you have to spend 700 to 800 INR on the domain name.

Advice  – Q:- “Why should i buy custom Domain.”

You should buy a custom domain. Because in some cases when the website drive visitors and now you want to buy a domain name. But it has already been Buy by the other one.


WordPress is free to install But you have to spend some cash. Initially, the domain should be there. The hosting service should be connected with the domain. Its total cost is 3000 INR per year.

Advice: Q:- Cons of Free Hosting Service

Do not use free hosting and domain services because it will affect 100% On yor traffic & Never grow for years and maximum time it’s fixed at downtime or load slowly.

Ownership and control : Blogger VS WordPress

  • As, blogger is developed by the Google itself. You are free to use this software. But Google can close this in the future. If we talk about the past, google banned his popular service which is named as google reader and google+. That’s why there is no guarantee that the blogger is safe and secure.
  • In the case of WordPress, you have full control of your website and blog. You can access all the function which are provided by WordPress. But in blogger, you have to follow their terms and policies, Otherwise, they will ban your account or blog.

Website designing and features of lookout

  • WordPress: First we will talk about WordPress which is used by 67% percent of the websites in the world. WordPress has many plugins and themes which you can use to develop your website : : You can add extra needed plugins and themes as well. These enhance the functionality of the website and your blog. Third-party themes and plugins provider provide plugins which you can use in WordPress.
  • Blogger : It gives only 17 to 18 templates to use which is very less. All these templates are not good in looks. You can only use builtin tools to change the colors. You can not customize the website anymore. The weirdest and worst thing is that you can not install plugins which is necessary.
Result: WordPress is best in the terms of designing the website.

Security reasons and safety : Blogger VS WordPress

  • Blogger : As a blogger is a google developed service so you do not need to worry about security because google provides great security to your blog.
  • WordPress : It is also a secure software but sometimes if your website becomes famous. It can be hacked by hackers. So that is why, you should secure your wordpress with the primium plugins and set a very tough password.

Storage Space : Blogger VS WordPress

It is a very important thing to discuss because when you create a website. You need to store a lot of images and text in your blog. If you have low space than you have to face the problems.

  • In the blogger, You will get only 1GB space inbuilt. But if you login with the google drive. you can access 15Gb storage which is provided by Google. But 15 GB is also a limited space.
  • In WordPress, I am very happy to tell you that, you have unlimited space on WordPress. It depends upon you that how much money you spend on your hosting service. Many web hosting providers provide unlimited storage space in their hosting plans. You can add up space according to your needs.
Result: WordPress is the best in case of storage space.

Service and Customer support

It is an essential part of the blog. Customer service support helps us to guide and handle the backend work.

  • Blogger : Many people think that blogger is a google’s service and its service and support are better. But unfortunately, this is not happening. It provides very limited support to the website. The support forums are not good as well. Their customer service providers are available some time. No one is here to guide you.
  • WordPress : After discussing blogger, do not this WordPress is bad too. Yeah, WordPress is best in case of active service and support. You can take help from many tutorials that are available on youtube and many websites. Many of the YouTubers make their videos to guide the beginner bloggers.
Result: WordPress is better than a blogger in the terms of service.

Website transfer and migration

  • As blogger’s service is not so good. As the same as it is very tough to migrate the blogger website to the other platforms. It can affect your search engine rankings and visitors. Moreover, you can lose your subscribers and followers. As a result, Your website’s traffic will be going to 0 and you have lost you all efforts which you are doing for last some months.
  • In the WordPress software, it is the opposite. if you want to migrate the website to other hosting and another platform. You can do this without any complications. You just need to tell this to your service provider and it takes just 1 day to transfer the whole blog and the data.

Backup and Safety

Now the most important thing comes. Backup is the most important part for every blogger because sometimes because of viruses and hackers your website can be hacked and deleted. In this case, you can take the backup of your blog and feel safe.

  • Blogger : In the blogger, the backup process is so easy and satisfying. You just have to click on the single option to take a backup of the full website.
  • WordPress : In WordPress, backup taking is the same as a blogger. You can easily take the backup of your blog. Many plugins help you to make a backup file of your website. Additionally, various hosting companies provide this facility to take the backup of your blogging website on the daily bases.

Many options are available on WordPress like you can make backup only of the posts and the pages. You can select according to the necessities.

Upgradation : Blogger VS WordPress

  • Blogger : It is very bad to tell you that, Google has not to update bloggers in the last 10 years. It is the same as the past. All the things and functions are in the old style and boring. Although, google added some templates recently in the blogger. But overall it is outdated.
  • WordPress : Happy to say you, it is fully updated. WordPress team updates this time to time. Recently, the working team of WordPress changes the classic editor to the Gutenberg editor. Many third-party companies add and update their themes and plugins. Which feels like we are using the 2020’s software.
Result: WordPress is better than a blogger.

Potential and capacity

If you want to make a basic blog and website. Then the blogger is good. But let’s think, in the future when your blog gains more traffic. At that time, you need to add more features to your blog posts and website. It is possible only in WordPress. As I tell you before, the blogger is plugins less.

Blogger does not provide the capacity like WordPress.

When it comes to capacity, nobody can beat WordPress. It is the biggest website builder and blog maker in the world.

Coffee Conclusion : Blogger VS WordPress

After this big discussion, I have to tell you the Whole coverage in steps.

Blogger VS WordPress

  1. Designing: WordPress in best.
  2. Money-saving: blogger is best.
  3. Plugins: WordPress is better than a blogger.
  4. Service & Support: WordPress is good.
  5. Potential: WordPress is best.
  6. Updated: WordPress is best. Blogger is outdated.
  7. Security: Blogger is best.
  8. Storage: WordPress is best for a lifetime.
  9. Transfer: WordPress is best

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