How to Start website and design your Blog ?

HOW TO START WEBSITE: Any Person can build a website without knowledge of programming language, web- development, and design. There are certain platforms such as WordPress, Wix, blogger, that may help you to maintain your website whether you are creating for your personal use and business use as well as for E-commerce.

(If you are a beginner and want to start your dream website then surely, this article would be massively useful to you. All the things are given from the scratch, so follow the instructions and start your journey.)

Some basics you should know before starting a website?

What are the things that you need?

  1. Domain name 
  2. Hosting 
  3. A platform (like- C panel)
  4. WordPress or Wix or blogger

How much is the approximate cost for creating a website?

  • For domain- you have to spend nearly INR 1500 per year.
  • For hosting- average hosting provider charges INR 1000- 1500. per year.

 ( initially, Average budget you need is 2000INR )

[Procedure to develop a website.]

Step-1 : Firstly you have to finalize the niche or category according to your interest and market demand. Some of the topics are: eCommerce Website.

  • Business Website.  
  • Entertainment Website.
  • Portfolio Website.
  • Media Website.
  • Brochure Website.
  • Nonprofit Website.
  • Educational Website
  • Technology website.

Step-2 : Secondly, a domain name is the next priority you should be the focus on. “what is domain name”A domain name is a unique name which identifies a website. For example, the domain name of the technology website is “”. Each website has a domain name that serves as an address, which is used to access the website, so, choose the best alphabetical domain related to your niche which defines your website.

Step-3 : After that, Hosting is a service that allows you to post a website or web page on the Internet. A web host, service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the web page to be viewed on the Internet. 

  • Helps you to store the whole data of your web page such as images, text and video links, etc
  • It also secures your website from hackers and other viruses.
  • It improves site performance, loading speed and provides technical support.
  • Some hosting providers- GoDaddy, hostinger, site-ground, etc.

Step-4 : Connect your domain name to C-panel and download the WordPress to design your template manually.

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Best WordPress Plugins for designing the webpage and How to use them.

introduction- Plugins are PHP scripts or tools which extend the functionality of WordPress. They enhance the features of WordPress and add entirely new features to your site. Plugins are often developed by professionals, and some are usually free to the public. Plugins are available via the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Elementor pro

it is the best plugin to design your website because it is a live page builder. which can change the entire look of your website. it is a drag and drop interfaced plugin with multi-functional features such as heading, image, slides, text editor, social icons, and so on. These include a very stronger code base, faster drag and drop, complete control over the page layout, and incredible flexibility for widget styling. It is an open-source and GPL Elementor plugin.

It is available on WordPress with some open and free features but the pro version is completely paid.

best addons for Elementor- essential addons, Ultimate addons, powerpack.

Envato : (Best plugin for premade templates)

Envato is an online marketplace, where you can buy many kinds of digital assets, ranging from WordPress themes or plugins to audio and video footage you can use in your creative projects. It has premade layouts and templates for your webpages. It is also an open-source plugin and free on WordPress. It has hundreds of blocks for all types of pages such as homepage, contact us, about us, and blogs. is like a big bazaar of web templates for all types of websites which we can assume. it includes cooking and restaurant templates, blogging templates and business-related templates, premade header, and footer, etc. It is a multi functional template room. For example, restaurant website design, educational website design etc. 

It has over 1.5 million active buyers and sellers and over 8 million community members, along with over 5 million items for sale. Its highest-trafficked marketplace, ThemeForest, was the 580th most visited site in the world according to Alexa in August 2018.1 Envato was founded in 2006 by Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Claire, and Jun Rung. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

3: Gutenberg page builder

It is a live page builder Just same elementor. The Gutenberg WordPress editor is a new page builder that is designed to integrate with WordPress core. Gutenberg adds content blocks and page builder-like functionality to every updated WordPress website. When in use, it will replace TinyMCE as the default content editor. The Gutenberg WordPress editor that is designed to integrate with the WordPress core backend. It will add content blocks and page builder-Such as  functionality to every up-to-date WordPress website. When in use, it will replace TinyMCE as the default content editor. 

The goal of this editor is to make adding rich content to wordpress simple and enjoyable. It is the same as the lego bricks that can move around and interact. You just have to move your cursor around then you see the dseveral block lines up. By fixing little blocks, Gutenberg promises to add advanced layout options just to extend the functionality of your website. Although it’s still in the testing phase, you can dive into the plugin to understand more about its Feature and specifications.

(How to install and activate the plugins in WordPress)

In your WordPress dashboard area, –

1. click on the plugins option. 

2. click on add new. 

3. Search the plugin By name. 

4. click on Install and then activate that.


After this discussion, it depends upon your creative skills you can design your website to the peak. The final thing is that making a website is not a tough task and even a fifth class student can start his/her website if he/she wants. These simple steps towards your desire can really aid you and you can express all your views through the website.

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