How to make money online in india : One Hundred dollars Monthly

How to earn money online in India : 💲100 in a day : Get some ideas : Get some ideas :

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How to make money online in India : 💲100 in a day with free online jobs for students without investment

I need money desperately – Do you want ?

Today, we will touch the most sensitive topic of this generation ” How to earn income by doing work from home without any investment”. This is going to be an interesting discussion and I will recommend some websites and skills further.

How to earn money in india

Earn money online without investment is not a big task in this era. There are many freelancing websites, Part-time jobs are available out there. But Do you know, How to work on them or how to do freelancing Or Something?

Firstly, To earn income in India by doing work from home, You just have to learn some skills. After that, you have to get perfection in those works. You will use your laptop or any computer because a huge amount of data and videos are serving on the internet. You can learn from them and any type of skills that you want.

After to be skillful, You need something by which you can earn income & show your working skills.

The topic we will touch today : Table of Contents

1. How to earn money online in India (Learn to earn)

2. Top 7 skills you should learn to make online money and Quicker jobs & money earning platform

3. Best websites for freelancing which provide cash paying jobs for home

How to earn money online in India : Cash Jobs

How to make money online in India

1. FREELANCING ( Answer : How to earn good money )

Question : Do you know, How money is made with freelancing?

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money online worldwide. You can do freelancing in every practical computer-related skill. There are several websites offering work and part-time jobs for students or people with different skills. You only have to create an account or do signup on those sites. By filling your occupation, study information, name, and other data with skills info, you can get work. Work sellers will directly contact you or you cal also send proposals to them for work. People per hour,, are some trusted websites among professionals. You can earn around $50 to $200 it depends on your skills.

A freelance named kashish earn 160 pounds per day. If you change this amount in dollars –

160 Pounds in dollars – Nearly 210 dollars

Some important things about freelancing:

  • You will only get money when you completed the given work.
  • You have to finish that work on time.
  • Some websites might ask you to create a Paypal or Payoneer account because of international payments.
  • Fast money earning app : Freelancer


Starting a blog is also a good option to choose from. These days, blogging is on boom among teenagers or other Job seekers. There is a lot of informational material is available on the internet about “How to start a blog” or ” How to write a blog post”.

Which are the necessary things which help me to start a website?

For example, Domain name, hosting, WordPress, etc.

How to earn FAST money from blogging: Afterward factors

  1. Google Adsense – After the blog completion, you only have to read 25 to 30 blogs for your website. Then you can apply for Google Adsense by signup.
  2. Use High CPC keywords – “What is CPC” (Cost per click). When you write your blog. You should use higher CPC keywords which helps you to gain more money when clicking.

3. AFFILIATE MARKETING : One of the best strategy jobs you can get !

Question : Do you know, How money is made with digital marketing?

It is a best way to earn in large amount. Best answer for those who again and again ask me How to earn money.

This is directly related to your blog or website. Once your blogging website starts to gain some conversions. You can start affiliate marketing there. With the help of your blogging website, you can sell any product of amazon and other affiliate programs company. You will get a commission on that product. This is like a commission agent. When blog readers or Visitors come to your website and buy something by click on that link then you will earn some commission.


Language translation’s scope is booming up day by day. If you know a language other than English so you can earn by getting projects on freelancing websites. As well as you can apply for a traveling guide’s job in some airports. With this, you can earn a good income.

It is a little bit time consuming but some hire translators to complete their projects from across the world.

You will get paid around 1 to 7 rupees per word for translation. In some languages, you can get nearly 10Rs for a word.

5. ONLINE TEACHING OR TUTORING : Lots of money skills

Question : Do you know, How money is made with online tutoring?

Now, that’s the beast comes. With the help of teaching online, you can get name, fame, and money altogether. If you are a teacher or have expertise in a specific subject, then you can make money by teaching to the student of all age groups online. You just have to know “How to explain something with an example”.

Maximum platforms follow this procedure- They will ask you to apply by filling a form, After that which a teaching demo will have to give their experts. Once you selected, documentation and profile creation will be done, followed by training and induction webinar. Once you attend the webinar, you will be listed as a teacher and will get your online sessions to conduct. Beginners can make around Rs 200 to 500 per hour. It depends on your experience.

You can make a video at home then you can upload on some educational websites such as Udemy, Unacademy,, etc. You can also provide live sessions on these platforms. They will ask some required questions during profile making such as, how much experience you have in a particular subject, your qualification, etc.

6. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT : How to earn money from Home in India

With the vast usage of social media now all the people are using multiple ways to interact with each other. Many types of applications are coming in the market for talking, video calling, messaging, etc.

These applications can be used as a money-making and some people like big celebrities and famous persons earn money from these apps. You can also do this.

You can publish your things and show that to other people. If your product is of the next level then he follows you. Followers in millions or thousands will help you to earn. You just have to post regularly there. The scope of social media marketing and selling is accelerating day by day. All of the businessmen and sellers use social apps for advertising their goods.

You can promote your thing by running paid ads. In paid advertisements, you can target the selected area according to demand as well as the maximum number of reach for more promotion. Then your post viral rapidly so it will help to boost your brand value.

You also can get a job in this field. you can apply to big Multinational companies or big businessmen who do not have enough time to maintain them. If you have creativity and post making then you can get paid.

7. WEB DESIGNING (How to earn money from this)

In this modern time, you should have to be a tech tough guy. For running your business or work more fastly you can take the aid of technology. By coding and web designing you can make your website. If you know web designing or expert in web designing then you can apply for a job or make your website.

Nowadays, all people make a website but they don’t know how to manage. So, you can apply for their managing site. The website needs maintenance and may require some updates on time which might give you income.

8. CONTENT WRITING : Best cash paying job on internet

Best skills to learn in 2020

There is no perfect school for teaching article writing but you can learn this online. Multiple types of courses by best content writers are available on the internet. It can be a good initial point. It depends on the quality of your article or blog post that how much money you will get paid. You just have to expertise in the specific niche and you should know how to craft an article that people praise that more. By this, you can be famous easily and earn a good income as well. There are many websites you can use to upload your articles to get visitors. For example,,,, etc.

9. KINDLE BOOKS : jobs that pay cash

Books writing and publishing have a vast scope but only you have to be an expert in a language to write a book. If you are interested in writing books, then this option you can select. You can self-publish E-books with the direct publishing of kindle. This can give you millions of visitors or readers on amazon.

This takes very little time to publish all around the world. Your book will appear internationally in just 2 to 3 days. You will get around 70% of your book’s income, which you will earn on the sale to the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Spain… etc.

10: SELLING PRODUCTS ONLINE : easy part time jobs

If you are a shop owner or you have stock to sell online then you can use amazon seller account and sell your products online. You can also create your website to sell that is an E-commerce website. You just have to purchase a domain name related to your niche or products. You can sell through an e-commerce store of your own.

This will help you to boom up your sales and income. Once your profile or website reached a lack of visitors then you can make a lot of money.

How to earn money online in India : Top skills you should learn to make online money and Quicker jobs

This is an era where all persons should be talented and skillful. There are several skills which really can help you to get jobs. BUT DO YOU KNOW “HOW TO EARN MONEY” WITHOUT ANY SKILLS?

Well this impossible, Nobody can make money without any talent. So focus on the given below skills to earn:

TOP 8 BEST SKILLS TO LEARN IN 2020 IN INDIA & Best ways to earn money online

(How to earn money with skills which give you jobs that pay cash)

1. Typing

2. Coding or programming

3. Multi-linguality

4. Web-developing

5. SEO (Search engine optimization)

6. Product Demand analyst

7. MS office

8. Video editing

Q:- which of the following skills is most important in learning how to be skilled in 2020?

1. TYPING : Make instant money online absolutely free

It is a top-rated skill you should know at this time because you can get multiple types of jobs on freelancing websites with the help of this skill. If you are a perfect typist and can write 70 to 90 words per minute then you are going to set fire. The very first job you can get easily is data entry and you can earn 35000 to 40000 rupees per month only by doing part-time freelancing. Once you completed 110 to 15 projects on then you can become an officially verified personality on This is especially helpful for students who want to earn income in just some hours.

2. CODING & PROGRAMMING : Loads of money earning skill

This is an ultimate and professional skill that should be present in you. Nowadays this skill is teaching in all schools and colleges. You can do any type of works by this. Some of the languages you should learn, C language, Python, C++, Go and Swift language, etc. Perfection in a single language can give you income in dollars. It takes 2 to 3 months to learn a single programming language but once you learned one then you can easily understand other languages because all of these are based on the same rules but different syntax. On freelancing websites, you can get paid by $200 per project just by doing a single coded language.


You know my friend this is a touristic or traveling lover’s era. All of the people like to travel national or international. If you know multiple languages just only speaking then you can get good earning by completing projects. It will also enhance your communication skills.


Website development has a vast scope. Since its Starting at the end of the 20th century, the internet has grown limitless. In the contemporary world, a massive percentage of Folks utilize the Internet and all kinds of websites every day. Naturally, some people decide to learn to create them, therefore “What is a web developer?” is a most asked question. Web development is quickly becoming one of the most attractive and best-paid career choices in the modern world. But what is a web developer?

You can learn this skill because on this date mostly peoples are creating websites for their businesses. You know 570 websites are built every minute in the world. So, of course, you can easily get a job and online work, if you know this skill.


This is directly related to the website, Website making is not enough. You have to rank your website on google search results. For this, you have to be knowledgeable in the stream of SEO. It is cleared by this name that search engine optimization is a website that should be ranking on a search engine. For example, google, bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Let’s suppose brother, you are writing a blog post for the first time but you do not know how to write that and what are the important words and things to make that good.

It includes multiple things such as meta description, title, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, sharing, tags, Regularity, etc.

If you have a big talent to rank the website of others so you can do something big like Neil Patel or brian dean.

You can earn 50000 to 300000 per month with this skill. You can also do freelancing and earn some income as a permanent job even more.


It is the same as a business you just have to analyze the demand of the public. If you the product demand that what public wants then you are going to be rich my bro. There are a lot of companies and businessmen who have to bear the losses only because of the lack of skilled advisers. Who has the financial knowledge and who can maintain the whole team and work for them. On the internet, you can go for this job if you have the passion and you can earn more then 100000 as well as you can start your work with this skill.


you already know what is this software for. This is divided into some parts such as ms excel, ms office, ms PowerPoint, etc. You can make a presentation with this as well as you can handle financial sheets with the help of MS office. This is built by Microsoft which is a multinational company in the USA. You can edit something, design a page, add slides, bla-bla-bla. Nowadays, every organization or company needs this so you can learn are earn a good salary.


This is the trend of marriages😂… All the people and even in movies… everyone wants a good video editor with sharp skills. Everybody asks me this question.. is this interesting or it is tough?

I have to say that this is a mixture of both. There is no doubt it is amazingly interesting but it is also slightly tough because it takes 1 to 2 years for expertise. If you learn this course in 6 months but you can not be an expert in this much time. It depends on your practice of how much you are learning and how much time you are spending to learn this. What can I do with the video editing skills or what is the video editing for?

You can edit marriage videos, can edit movie scenes, You can be a social media handler because it needs graphics as well. On fiver or people per hour, you can easily find the work for you. It is a low competition skill that helps you to Earn faster.

Video editing is also essential for youtube . If you have a youtube channel and you knoe video editing then it can be very helpful for you.


Do you know “what is freelancing” & “How to earn money with this?

Freelancing is is the name of online earning. In which You have to work for others through the internet and you get paid online. You can find multiple types of work to do and it is also very flexible.

If you are a freelancer looking for work or part-time earning, you know how irritating this task can be. However, there are freelance websites for helping professionals or beginners. In this article, we will list the best freelance websites on the internet. There are so many online jobs without investment for Indian students as well as international students on these websites.





5. Simply Hired

6. Aquent

7. Crowded

8. The Creative Group

9. 99Designs

10. Nexxt

Fast Internet money : Quick Way

As you know my friends, In this generation all the people are making good money from internet. Their are alot of ways i had tell you to earn money instantly by online and freelancing.

However, Do you know ?

Which are the best Dog walker jobs which help you earn alot and fulfill your dreams.

I know this question is beyond from our thinking but yeah, some of the things can really help us.

So, lets know about those skillset and earning stratagy. Best skills to get reputated job in just 2 months.

  1. Excel
  2. Public speaking
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Content writing

1. Excel : Microsoft Excel

Let’s talk about MS excel, this is an excellent software which is essential for accounting and making spread sheets.

Everyone say “I need money desperately” This can give you instant cash either online or offline.

Easy cash with extra easy skill. You do not need any type of paid software for learning this skill. Everyone can download this from multiple websites.

By watching videos and By purchasing paid courses, You can get command on MS excel. This is very popular among business insiders.

2. Public speaking

It is cleared by the above heading – You have to speak publically or be shameless hahaha….

You can become motivational speaker and standup comedian because it is expanding rapidly among teenagers and college students. You do not need any type of Hard hussel.

You can start by making youtube videos on your page. Then in auditorium.

Some of the famous public speakers : Vivek Bindra, Sandeep maheshvari, Kapil sharma etc…

Digital Marketing

The word from digital marketing ” Something something is come in our mind ” such as affiliate, online promoting something, Selling products online, & so on.

After some years this trend gonna on top. As you know due to COVID – 19 all companies and MNC’s are working from home. So, people are trying to interact with internet and want to start their own business online.

Digital marketing is a skille where you have to show your product to buyer. It is a direct interation between buyer and seller.

You just have to make some small efforts.

Lets, take a look at some social ideas, where you can start digital marketing.

  1. All social websites like FB, instagram and twitter.
  2. Make your own website
  3. Establish profile on e-comemrce websites like amazon and Ebay.
  4. By writing SEO friendly blog post on reputated websites.


By writing content you can get lot of crowd called as “crowd content“.

Grant writing Jobs – Creative writing jobs

You can get writing jobs from many websites such as wikipedia. They will pay you for writing an best article.

Then you think, How much can i get paid for a blog post. How much is the Content writer salary ?

It is depend on words count and on SEO skills and tools. If you write long article then you could get 2000 to 2500 per blog post.

Some of the websites pay according to the timing like 3 rupees per word or more.


There are many types of content.

  1. Blog post writers
  2. Brand journalists
  3. Copywriters
  4. Ghost writers
  5. Technical writers
  6. Social media writers
  7. Email writers
  8. Script Writers
  9. Long-Form content writers
  10. Ad & Promo writers

For Read in detail – Go to this link  –

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:- How to earnr money during lockdown ?

Ans:- According to me, in online work form home – Lockdown does not matter.

Q:- How can i earn money from internet ?

Ans:- People don’t know the power of internet. With the help of internet you can earn enough money as comapre to offline work. You can earn in 7 or 8 figures too.

Q:-  Can i earn money at the age of 10 or 15 ?

Ans:- I say yeah, you can earn money in this age. Age is just a number. That is proved by Mr. Umer Qureshi. He is the owner of in the age of 17.

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