How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post & Make it Appealing

How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post : BlogPost Writing is an art and you are going to become an artist.

I have 1.5 years of daily blog writing but still, sometimes I get confused between ideas and creating content. When I have started writing, even i am failed to touch the target. But now 80% of my blog posts are ranking on the Ist page. Believe me, You also can do it. Just focus and make the Notes.

At the time of Content writing, the positive informatic mind is only an asset to combine words.

If you are feeling sad and your mind is generating negative vibes like ” How long should be a blog post ” OR ” How I will do SEO of blogpost ” something. Then you can-not set up the relationship with blogging.

If I talk about the year 2020, the Blogging and SEO industry is going to become of 80 Billion industry. Primary thing is, you can work just sitting at home.

Before proceeding further, I will clear your Doubts related to Blogging & Content Writing. 

Is Blog Post writing a good choice in 2020 for carrer ?

Every time when I visit Quora and other social platforms, New bloggers are in confusion that, “is Content writing a good option to choose for earning or money making ? “

Yeah, I would say yes. It is the best one choice which everyone should select for their carrer.  I can count Minimum 10+ blogger who are earning in even 7 Figures by doing blogging & Content Writing. For example, Satish.K, Neil Patel, Umer Qureshi, Brian Dean, Pritam Nagrale, etc.

What are the Key Benefits Of Blog Posts ?

A single Blog post have Uncountable benifits but i will tell you some of these.

  • 67% of the Customers Buy something after reading Blog Post.
  • A good Blog Post can give you $600 per/month.
  • Blog Conversion Rate is Higher.
  •  A single article can Rank up your Whole website.
  • Professional Salesman can not beat the Blog post.

How to write a blogpost

Now, Let’s start the journey to write an Appealing Blog post which loved by Everyone.

In this Blog Post, I will cover all the doubts and tell you all the formulas to play with your Keyboard.

Table Of Contents : How to write Unbeatable Blog Post ?

  1. Understand your targeted audience – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  2. finalize your blog post’s topic – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  3. Take a tour of your competitor’s websites – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  4. Write a title and a captivating intro – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  5. Organize your table of contents – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  6. Start to write a blog post – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  7. Proof-Read your post – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  8. Featured image – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
  9. optimize your blog post (On-page SEO)
  10. Promote the blog post on social media platforms

Firstly you have to do mind makeup with the multiple types of questions because you have to force readers to read your blog without any interruption and give them an interesting feel with your blogpost.

A reader always comes on a blog to get some information so you just have to provide that. It is not enough to answer someone’s questions sometime. Your introduction should hook the reader and make them want to continue your article.

#1 STEP : Understand your targeted audience – Initial Step to write Unbeatable Blog-Post

How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

Initially, Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your spectators want in your blog post.

If you did not target audience then whole article is waste. It will not help top rank your website.

Here are the Multiple Ways to Target the Audience

Social Media is the best option to target visitors. Becuase millons of people use FB, Insta and other Engaged applications for entertainment and Earning. We can read recent Debate and Discussions in comment section of other people.

Quora is also a good option to know about the interest of people. People ask many types of question their. You can find out the Most asked questions and make a list of them. 300 Million audience visit quora Every month. SO you can imagine “What Quora is ? “

A top notch way to know about the people’s desire. You just have to be sure about the topic that people are going to be read this.

Once you exactly understand the requirements of your readers, it becomes easy to write something interesting and Engaged content.

Your Target Should be Crouded.

#2 STEP : Select the Most Engaged Topic For Blog : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post
How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

After Targeted the audience, it becomes easy to Pick best one topic for Blog-Post. Because we

have noted down all the Trending topics from social media.

Top 5 Topics for Blogposts which always fix on Trending.

  • Making Money Online without investment
  • fashion blogs
  • Motivational Stuff
  • Health & Fitness Blogs
  • Best skills to learn

For example – if you are a blogger and want to select a topic. You can share your success story and your struggle.

List of articles related to blogging.

Still, if you are facing problems coming up with topics then check out through many official sites such as Google trends, Medium , Pinterest, Google Question Hub . which shows you the popular topics in Bulk and Make your work easy.

#3 STEP : Take a tour of your competitor’s websites

The most important factor you have to fix is to keep an eye on your competitors. Before writing an article you just have to visit other websites related to your topic which you had selected.

How to Beat Competitors ?

One question will stuck in your mind that “ How to perfectly sight up the other websites ”
friends, we are writing a blog post the very first time so we do not know how to start and where to start. When you visit ranking websites then you come to know how I can make up all these things.

Skycrapper Technique

● we have to look out their table of contents of the first 4 ranking sites and write down all of that.
● Just select common headlines and different headings. Same as union and intersection.
● Now, you have all the data which all of them have.
● Make proper headings and subheadings with low difficulty keywords.
● Keep in mind that you have to write a long article that others because google lens picks long articles very Fastly.
● If other sites wrote a 3000 word’s article so you Surely have to write 3400 to 3600 words blog Post.

Several tools help you to explore other websites and you can pick up their organic keywords and long-tail keywords. For example, Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, etc.

It gives you wings to write a blog post and make you enthusiastic. Keep going on…

  • Read their blog and check the blogPost’s words count. You can count the words by copying that article and putting it on (
  • Note the differences and mistakes which they have made.
  • Write their table of contents which you have to write because of all the things we have to cover.
  • Note all the headings and subheadings which you have to use. ( not same)

#4 STEP : Organize your table of contents : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

Sometimes, an article can have a large amount of information and data which confused you about which part I write first or which is on after.

So it is good to make a table of contents of your headings and subheadings line by line. Then you can complete your article without any confusion.

Outline your main headings H1, H2, H3. You can adjust or make templates according to them. By organizing the topics, Writing became simple and Cupcake.

In simple words, Just write down all the Headings & Subheading line by line which you are going to cover up in your Article.

#5 STEP : Write Title Which Satisfy the BlogPost : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

A title is the most crucial Factor to get More Clicks from audience. I would say that you might have to beg people to click on your Blogpost among Other Millions of articles.

Eye catchy Headline with some engaging words.

3 Most Important factor at the time of Design Title for blogpost – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

  1. Avoid Comman words like Very, Amazing, Great, Best, etc.
  2. Do not reaveal your main total solution in Heading.
  3. Use Emotional Keywords such as Calm, Eager, Facinating, Weird, etc.

What makes a Supernova Headline ?

Question + Emotional Hit + Suspence/Excitement + Knowledge + Clear Topic 

Above ^ 5 Things = Supernova Title

#6 STEP : Write a Captivating Introduction : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

Introduction works as a foundation in the whole blogpost. Without an attractive introduction, you can not even force the audience to read the full blog post. Your Blog’s introduction should be encouraging and informational.

What should I Write in an introduction to BlogPost?

  1. Include Encouraging Lines: Initially, your blogPost starts with the encouraging lines which force people to proceed further. For example, In this blog post, you are going to understand all tactics which you can use to improve social media optimization.
  2. Add more Keywords: Introduction is the starting paragraph of every article. If you attach more and more keywords in the intro. It becomes easy to understand the motive of the blogpost for the google search algorithm.
  3. Exciting Ending: Remember the point, the ending should be written in exciting words such as blockbuster, amazing, top list, etc. It helps to increase your user experience and decrease the bounce rate.

#7 STEP :  Start to write a blog post

We can not forget this step. You need to collect some keywords from SEMRush tools or others that you have to use further.

It’s time to answer your Questions about “How to write a blog”. It is not such a tough task.

Now, you just have to prepare a template for writing a blog. Collect necessary information from the internet but write in your words.

  • There are tons of tools that can lean on to help you to improve your writing without any mistake.

(Best tools for content writing) – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

  • Power thesaurus: It is already clear with the name. It gives you multiple choices of alternative words form the professionals content writers.
  • Hemingway: It is a tool where you can measure your article on the bases of readability, SEO score, active and passive sentences, or other grammatical factors.
  • Evernote: In this tool, you can keep your article’s files properly. It is a clean and clear notepad you can say. It is also available on the play store.
  • Google docs: You can manage your article heading, subheading, and body paragraph by their tags. It is a WordPress or blogger friendly tool.

Q:- How long does it take to write 1000 words:

Ans:- After collecting all the information regarding the blog, It depends on your typing speed. A normal expert blogger writes a blog of 1000 words in 1.5 to 2 hours.

#8 STEP :Proofread your post : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

You have not done yet, because as we are starters so we must read our post again and overlook it.

If you’re looking to brush up on your self-editing skills, turn to the posts of some best content writers

like Mr. Neil Patel, Mr brian Dean, etc.

#9 STEP :Featured image : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

Now, this is not enough baby

we have to finish up our post with some great visuals or images. So just choose a visually appealing and relevant picture for your blog post. As social networks treat content with images more prominently, visuals are more responsible than ever for the success of your blog content.

In fact, according to the experts, a blog post with a relevant image can get 87% more conversions. It increases the chances to hold your reader and decrease your Bounce rate.

#10 STEP : Topics and tags

Tags are particular and these help you to describe your post.

They allow the visitors or readers to search for more content in the same related category on your blog. Start by adding a list of tags to each post.

Think of tags as “topics” or “categories,” and choose 10-20 tags that represent all the main topics you want to cover on your blog. Then stick to those topics.

#11 STEP: Optimize your blog post (On-page SEO)

After binding up all that writing, go for on-page SEO, and optimize your post on the search engine.

Steps include in On-page SEO – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

  • Meta description
  • Page title and headers
  • anchor tag
  • Mobile optimization
  • Alt tags on image

What is Meta Description ?

Meta description is the line that shows below the title on Google search results pages. It should also be attractive. It is a summary of your blog post in 150 characters.

It can increase the chances of more clicks.

What are the Page titles and headers ?

Most of the blogging software uses the post title as your page title as it is good for search engine optimization.

You just have to add 1 or 2 natural keywords that your targeted audience wants.

What is Anchor Tag

Anchor text is the word which links to another topic. It is very crucial for SEO.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices accounting for nearly three minutes spent online, having a website with a responsive design or template is critical. Additionally, to make sure your website’s visitors have the best experience possible, optimizing for mobile will score your website More SEO points and conversions.

Alt tag

Now, the good part of SEO came. This tag is applied to the images. It helps your blog to rank rapidly on google search results.

By more images and extra alt tags, you can boomer rank on google lens.

So now, I should be sure that you do not ask me again “how to start a blog”. You have to be confident about all these things before starting a blog post.

Pick up low difficulty keywords

The very crucial thing is that you have to research the low difficulty keywords with high search volume. Outside there are many tools which can provide you the exact data about keywords.

About traffic, about CTR ( click-through rate), organic keywords and difficulty, etc.

Q. How to find low difficulty keywords and required tools.

Steps to find the low difficulty keywords in AHREFS in two methods –

(Method 1) – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

  1. Open keyword explorer and write the topic of your blog post.
  2. Then click on ( all keyword ideas on the right side ).
  3. Now, Set the difficulty too (maximum 10) and Search volume ( minimum 6000). (according to the number of keywords)
  4. You can pick the low volume keywords in the beginning.

(Method 2) – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

  1. Just explore the other competitor’s website and spy on their organic keywords.
  2. copy the URL of their article and put it in the site explorer in Ahrefs.
  3. click on the organic keywords then pick the all low difficulty keywords with good search volume.

#12 STEP: Promote your Blogpost : How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

Last & final step is that, Promote your blog post and share on various social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, medium, Instagram, Quora, etc.

It is not enough to write an article, you have to share your article socially. it will give you the off-page traffic and clicks to your articles. It also affects your organic traffic.

What makes the Best blog post ?

Firstly, for writing a good blog post. We should cover all the questions related to that topic. In simpler words, we give a reason to our audience why they read our blog post and why they should come back to our blog.

Is that clear?

A perfect blog post has to be informational and knowledgeable. We have to solve the visitor’s problem and make it clear in easy wordings or we can say understandably. your visitor should not be bored during reading your blog post. If you have the talent to write an interesting article, then it is good to be amazing.

All the time new bloggers ask this question, “What includes in a Perfect blog post ?“

Actually, this question is the most asked question by new bloggers. I want to say that it is not enough to answer People’s questions. You have to explain the working ways which increase the trust of the user on your blog. Some practical and actionable steps are necessary to engage more visitors.

If I make a checklist of this then it looks like this:

  • Detailed Answer to someone’s question
  • Give the feeling of communication in a blogpost
  • Actionable and Practical details
  • Examples for Perfect understanding
  • Related images and Infographics for maintaining interest
  • Easily readable font and color
  • Eye-catching Blogpost Structure

Are WordPress Theme and Website Color matter to make a perfect blog post?

Yeah, I would say yes. Website looks are one of the most crucial factors to attract visitors.

Suppose, you are writing a blog post and you take a very simple theme and take a black & white interface for that blog. Sometimes it can be boring for the audience.

Correct font colors and font style looks professional and attractive.

We should be aware that all the related blog posts and links are on that page or not. User comfortability is important to make the trust of the user. User interest comes from the Genuineness and website makeout.

Do Email Marketing – How to Write Unbeatable Blog Post

If you are a new blogger and recently you start blogging. Then you must know about email marketing. This is the method that helps bloggers to boom up their sales and income.

Trust me,

Umer Qureshi, an underage blogger, makes a lack of rupees just by email marketing of hosting.

You just have to collect the emails of your visitors and mail them your new information about sales and blog posts.

Why is email marketing important in 2020?

There are just 2 important reasons which make it necessary to use.

  • The first one is to increase sales. By email marketing, you can boom up your sales of any type of product. You can provide updates on time to your email friendliest.
  • Of course, you can drive traffic to your blog. It also helps to build up trust in your blog.

What are the steps to collect emails?

  1. Use an email pop option on your website.
  2. Only give them information and knowledge.
  3. Do not force your visitors and email friends to purchase the product because it does not look professional.

Guest Posting

If your website has a lot of traffic and is very popular. Then you can apply this work on your blog.

Guest posting is the best way to get free backlinks. Your blog can become a brand if you do guest posting. It is the best practice and working tactic by professionals.

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How to Write Unbeatable & Appealing Blog Post in 2020

Conclusion : After done Master in blog Writing

Blogging can help you build brand awareness, become a thought-leader and expert in your industry, attract qualified leads, and boost conversions. Follow the steps and tips we covered above to begin publishing and enhancing your blog today. Master blogging can aid you to earn more than 2 lac per-month income.

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