Deep Meaning of Affiliate marketing : Steps to be Successful

Meaning of Affiliate marketing : 5 Steps to be successful in this field

Hello Friends, Do you want to learn what affiliate marketing is ?

Firstly I have to tell you about the data of affiliate marketing. How much you can earn in this field and how much scope of this industry ?

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry. If I talk about only the USA, this is going to hit 8 Billion in 2022.

Before learning forward, we have to know about the meaning of affiliate marketing.

Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you have to promote other companies’ products. Simply, if a person buys a product from your link then you will get some commission.

In another language, you work as a promoter for a company or any organisation. You have to advertise their product by a specific way such as blogpost, article or paid ads. If you do this, the company gives you money in some fixed percentage.

Let’s know in detail, you understand one thing that you work as a salesman but if you want to get in the affiliate marketing field. You have to build your profile on many affiliate marketing Platforms. You can earn good income from all the Platforms.

How affiliate marketing works?

Meaning of Affiliate marketing
Meaning of Affiliate marketing

If you make an account on any affiliate Program. Then they will provide you a Particular link for attaching on your

Blogpost. By that link, Audience purchases the product.

Let’s get in Deep, when any person Click on that link, a mini file load in their device which is called cookies.

How does the cookie work ? : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

Just imagine, a reader visits your page related to any computer parts and they click on your affiliate links on amazon.

Suddenly that person has any work which he has to complete on time. The good thing is that, if he opens the link after some hours. The link is automatically restored on that device because the cookie is fixed for 24 hours.

How much money can I make as an affiliate marketer ?

As you know everything works depends on the hard work. If you put in effort then you can earn more. There is no limit of earning money in affiliate marketing.

For example: Mr. Umer Qureshi, famous affiliate marketer, earns nearly 3 lakh per/month.

How to get started with affiliate marketing?

Table of Contents : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

  1. Decide the Best Platform For Affiliate Marketing
  2. Choose the Perfect Niche
  3. Find Affiliate Program to join
  4. Create Great & Valuable Content 
  5. Drive Traffic to affiliate website

STEP #1 – Decide the Best Platform For Affiliate Marketing : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

How affiliate marketing works

There are alot of platforms where you can do affiliate marketing. Even you can use social media platforms to earn money from affiliates.

By Website or Blog : A Blog can Genuinely help in your dream. You just have to drive traffic and suggest the product to your audience by writing Blog Posts. Moreover, youtube channels too can aid you to monetize or sell any products. 

Blog building is the cheapest and easiest method to start affiliate marketing. Multiples of tutorials and free courses are available on the internet to learn affiliate marketing.  

By spending a few dollars, you can start your blog with wordpress.

Meaning of Affiliate marketing

Once your website is optimized, then grow for search engines. This increases the chances of ranking your blog on google. Now, you are free to add affiliate links to your blog posts.

Youtube : The other platform is from google that is youtube. You just have to upload the video content with full description. 

How to monetize from youtube

It is free to upload the videos on youtube. Optimize your Videos from Search engine optimization (SEO).  Then finally, add the affiliate links in your Description. 

STEP #2 – Choose the Perfect Niche : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

How to find niche for affiliate marketing?

This is the most important topic which we need to discuss. Niche selection is the crucial factor. If you are starting a blog, then you will have to face heavy competition. According to the previous estimation, 1.3 billion visitors increased every day. By this, you can analyse how much rush is on the internet.

Best advice to grow fastly is to select the micro niche.

For example, the topic of Computer languages is a massive topic for a blogger. You can select a particular language like Python. Tight selection of topics can help you to rank faster and you can compete easily with your competitors.

When I build my website, I select the topic of content writing and social media marketing. What can you do with this? I have generated nearly 2000 traffic per month.

Many of the bloggers flop just because of the lack of consistency. Choose that topic in which you are interested in. Don’t worry if you are not expert in any field. Just write as your Knowledge. But be consistent. 

RECOMMENDATION : Taking help from the experts can help you to engage more visitors and generate affiliate sales.

STEP #3 –  Find Affiliate Program to Join

Find Affiliate Program to Join

We divided the affiliate programs according to the payment and volume. 

  1. High paying but low volume programs
  2. Low Paying but high volume programs
  3. High paying with high volume programs
  1.  High paying but low volume programs : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

These are the affiliate programs who pay high but the volume is low.

JVZOO – It is the best platform if you want to earn money. It pays you  200 to 1000 dollars on every sale of any software. It depends on the software which you want to sell on your Blog. 

You get 50% commision on every software on a sale. 

What is JVZOO ?

It is the best appealing website for software sellers.

  1. Low paying but High volume programs

Amazon : There is a huge traffic on amazon affiliate. But the payment is not so much more. You will get small commissions on every sale. But the good thing is that the volume on this is in Millions in every country. In simple words, the competition is low and you can grow very fastly in Amazon affiliate marketing.

  1. High paying with High volume Programm : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

Some of the affiliate programs pay high money just for promoting their products such as hosting affiliate marketing. 

You have multiple options for starting a hosting affiliate. 

How much can i earn from Bluehost affiliate ?

As you can see, this Image is from the Bluehost Dashboard. Bluehosting hosting affiliate program gives you 5000 Rupees by a single sale.

STEP #4 – Create Great & Valuable Content

Content is the King. Without content you do not even

think to start affiliate marketing. Initially, you have to create Informational and Valuable SEO friendly content for attaching the affiliate links in your blog posts.

Process to Monetize from the Blog Post.

  1. Start to write the Blog post.
  2. Make it SEO friendly
  3. Convince people to Buy from your Link.
  4. Attach affiliate links where it is necessary.
  5. Share on Social media Platforms.
  6. Email people for Recommending. 

STEP #5 – Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Website : Meaning of Affiliate marketing

How to drive traffic on Blog

Now you have a great blog post. But without SEO that is not enough to drive more traffic. So to monetize from the blog post you have to make it SEO friendly. 

So, the question is “How can you drive the audience to your Blog post ?

  1. Paid Traffic
  2. SEO
  3. Build an email List
  1. Paid Traffic 

In this method, you have to pay some amount for purchasing the traffic. You can do this by PPC ads. But for the beginners. It is not a good option. Because new bloggers do not have enough money to invest in ads. 

It can affect your Profits. Without knowledge, you should not use paid ads. It is not a big deal for professional bloggers to lose some money in ads. But keep in mind, you are not expert and pro. 

Note that, once you stop paying money then automatically the ads will stop. 

Normally it is said by the pro bloggers, Paid traffic ads are the great option to drive traffic and earn massive income. But, this rule is applicable only on the experts. 

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is the self practice method to drive more traffic and rank on google search results. In this way, you have to learn about all types of SEO such as On-page, Off-Page, Technical SEO, Social media SEO, Blogspot sharing, etc. 

Initial Level SEO tricks

  • Target audience – For better clicks and Impressions you have to know about your visitors. In simple words, Understand what your visitors want in your Blogpost.
  • Create Related content for more clicks.
  • Just concentrate on Technical seo and Provide Features which gives comfort to users.
  • Optimize for on page SEO. 
  • Build an Email List

Do you know “What is an email list?”

In this process you will have to collect the emails from your subscribers and visitors. 

You can send affiliate marketing promotional links to your emails members.

For building an email list you have to set up an email subscribe letter. Just start now.

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